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AI aircraft parking LOWW MSFS

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Hello Raz,
Fantastic work with latest update of LOWW for MSFS. I have managed to create some of my own AI flightplans with AIFP for use at LOWW, however these aircraft only seem to park on the west side near the cargo 747s. Why is this? And is there a way for my AI to park at the actual gates/terminal next to the statics (like in the P3D version)? I have edited the entry in my aircraft folder to atc_parking_types = ANY but this has not had any affect.

Many thanks,


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Hi Pete, 

Thanks for your compliments about LOWW update 🙂

Regard the parking- as far as we know the option to assign parking for AI is not available in MSFS (unlike P3D where you can also assign specific parking to specific airline. 

We will keep follow the SDK updates and will continue updating all of our products with the latest features available. 


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Thanks Raz - however in other airports such as Flytampa Copenhagen or FSDT Zurich, I am able to see AI at the gates. Are you sure this is not something that can be implimented with a tool like ADE or similar ? 

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Seems like I read it wrong and thought you referred to the static aircrafts and the ability to turn them on/off. 

As for the AI- they all should work, and if not we will check it and will add it to a future update. 

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Hey together at Gaya,

thank you for your great work at Vienna LOWW!

Some things, as i read above, Pete is right. It is also,

that everytime you land in Vienna, that ATC Ground gives all the time

parkingposition A93. Always. Any Ideas?


Thank you keep going!


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On 1/25/2021 at 6:19 PM, pchitkara said:

Same here - I have never seen any AI at LOWW and do see it at other airports. Also, jetways dont dock with the aircraft at all and stop some distance away.

To be specific - I haven seen any AI dock at gates and they go to ramp parking.

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