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Gaya Simulations 2020-2021 Roadmap


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Today we are set to announce and preview 8 new airports scheduled for release during the 2020 holiday season and into 2021 (Tomorrow we will announce another 9, all in Greece)

We are pilots like you, we love new places to fly, we love airports with exquisite details and we demand the level of quality the Gaya name has become synonymous with.

With this many airports being planned we would completely understand your concerns that we would sacrifice quantity for quality. We at Gaya make this promise to you. Nothing will ever be released that doesn’t meet our exacting standards. We have a reputation to maintain and that won’t ever take a backseat to profits.

So are you ready? Let’s take a trip around the world as we wind through Europe continue down through South America, up into the USA and ending back In Europe. This preview will cover various seasonal destinations. From big hubs to GA airfields to everything in between.

So without further ado, sit back and relax as we share our vision for the coming year!

We aim and will do the best to bring all airports to all major platforms during the time!


Vienna Airport - Update (LOWW)




Sankt Johann Airpot - Toirol (LOIJ)








Kristiansand Airport  - Kjevij (ENCN)








Zurich Kloten Airport (LSZH)









Lugano Airport (LSZA)





Munich Airport (EDDM)



London Stansted Airport (EGSS)








Rio De Janerio - Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ)





Block Island Airport (KBID)








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This is an amazing list with yet even more soon to come. Is the Block Island scenery related to the Orbx one or is it a different development? I am delighted too that you are developing for South America, hope we may see some others from that beautiful part of the world.

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HI guys, 

The first platform we developing now is MSFS. From analyzing sales data we can see the major simulator those days is MSFS. I must say P3D is not far behind. 

Another factor we take into consideraion - the moment payware aircrafts will come to MSFS. I'm not going into the debate of what will happen however based on that data we have not we plan to keep and developing for P3D and try the best to bring more content to XP as well. 

As for time frame. Hard to say when P3D and XP versions will come for each airport, however we will do the best for that and given no major market changes will take place. 

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Well someoneelse published now EDDM. But I would prefer to buy your version... when it does not take too long.

Can you make us an christmas gift? ( And yourself to get the revenue 😉 )


PS Same für Zürich LSZH.

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We are working hard (really hard) on few major airports as you know and no doubt EDDM is one of the top of those. We will show some work-in-progress soon, and i'm pretty sure you all will love it (and will find out there is not much competition 😉 ). 


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Might it be an idea to allow Filbert to do an Preview? (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmiXdxpQlbpFLCA-Mb_diww)

He is doing great and objectively reviews... and sometime the developper allows previews.

He just placed a EDDM review from an developer (I forgot the name 😉 ) and all comments are waiting for your product. Time for a preview?

What do you think?

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  • Sam changed the title to Gaya Simulations 2020-2021 Roadmap

We will make a preview of the current development states pretty soon, hopefully at the first part of January. 

As we mentioned at our latest post on FB we dedicated December to make major updates products (Vienna, Zell Am See) in parallel to developing our brand new development. 


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On 11/14/2020 at 3:38 PM, Raz said:

Today we are set to announce and preview 8 new airports scheduled for release during the 2020 holiday season and into 2021 (Tomorrow we will announce another 9, all in Greece)

It's been a while but, have those Greek airports been announced somewhere? Unless I'm horribly mistaken they still remain under wraps.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/11/2021 at 5:48 PM, ktomais said:

It's been a while but, have those Greek airports been announced somewhere? Unless I'm horribly mistaken they still remain under wraps.

Yeah, there was a cooperation with Terrainy Studios. Probably just for Samos, not sure.

In November, the 9 greek Airports were announced.


There were rumors that all 9 greek airports were developed together with Terrainy.

But, then Terrainy released Ikaria, which is also part of Gaya announcement.

So maybe Terrainy or Gaya is doing the islands alone or priorities changed,  who knows.



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We plan to bring one of the greek airports package by the coming summer (as it's summer destination...). I can't say at that moment which one of the packages, but I can clearly say the quality is just amazing and by our Gaya standards. 

We did try a cooperation with Terrainy for Samos however at some point I decided to stop it. 

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All what we showed at the roadmap are by plan. In fact, all art work have been done as part of a long term investment and planning and we following our marketing strategy and plan. As an example I can usually during the mid-end of summer we see increase of demand for holidays destinations (e.g Greek islands) from the reasons people use to back from their own vacation and still have that "Greek vide" with them. So each product have it's own "story" and reasons why we mark it's time frame. 

Above all that we working to make the top quality stuff around and we will keep that way and won't ever compromise on quality. You can see it with the airports going by Gaya brand and with the massive increment of the handcrafted airports we developing for Microsoft. It's important to mention those 2 products line are very different by their goals, their requirement and in many other areas. 


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I am sure it will be an amazing product but too long time to market will shrink customer base significantly.

Once someone purchases it from another vendor, it is almost certain they wont go for it again unless they are supremely unhappy with it and going by the chatter, it doesn't seem to be the case. Just my thoughts coming from over decade and a half in s/w industry.

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Hey there Gaya folks!! Would also love to know when we'll see LSZH and more so EGSS and EDDM (I got LSZH from someone else too) and about to splurge on EDDM but wanted your quality but time is running out so many other airport seem to be taking my cash! You guys better start moving quick because you're hemoraging a lot of cash! I have had EDDM in the cart from Justsim for the last few weeks now but I'm honestly trying my best to give you guys the chance. Hopefully being connected with ORBX and MSFS hasnt put work in these aiports so far behind that we'll only see the roadmap of airport by mid next year! 


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