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Kos - Looking Forward

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As I’m sure you’re all aware, we released Kos Airport for both Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 last Saturday, at 19:00 GMT.

From then up until now we’ve counted more than 6000 free copies given away over 24 hours, an impressive 85%+ of the initial count. We’re obviously thrilled with the amount of people who made the most of our offer and reaped the reward: a very high quality add-on for two premier simulators!

Kos is the first product we’ve release under our own brand (Gaya Simulations, shortened to Gaya). However, you probably know of our other work done by us - Orbx Key West, Courchevel and Meribel for X-Plane (Orbx), Edinburgh and East Midlands for P3D and XP (Orbx), Genoa (Aerosoft, 2016) and Kilimanjaro (Aerosoft, 2015).

It warms out hearts to see how the community has lapped up this new product, whether it be on news sites, Facebook groups or other social groups to even VATSIM and IVAO where we heard some waited for more than 10 minutes for clearance or didn’t even get a parking spot at all!

Like any big event, no matter how you will prepare and test, there will always be ways to improve (and yes, our mailing system is high on that list!). We’ve tried and are still trying to make sure we back to you as fast as possible with solutions so you all could enjoy our Kos. 

One last sincere thanks for using, purchasing or getting our Kos and we hope you’re enjoying it!

So, what’s next?

As I mentioned in few forums posts, Gaya have invested a lot of money in Kos - 5 digits of €€,€€€ - and at the end of the day we are a commercial business and we’re here to strive and grow, so as a result (and as planned) we will not continue an official technical support for giveaway copies of Kos after the 17th February. We will, however, keep a dedicated forum here where users can assist others. 

As a little note I’ll mention the coupons system - since we found a mistake in our announcement when we promised to have the coupons system active for X-Plane version of Kos another 24 hours from Sunday (Feb 9th) 19:00 GMT to Monday (Feb 10th) 19;00 GMT, we will allow users to access the X-Plane version for another 24 hours so those of you who didn't got Kos for any reason can get it. We’ll announce the exact time frame on our Facebook and Forums at the next coming days. 

For those of you who purchased Kos via Orbx we will provide full support over the Orbx dedicated support system. 

Once again I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole Gaya Simulations team and myself for being part of that amazing release of a very exciting product - the first product we’ve released by ourselves and under our brand name. 

Raz Goeta, 

Founder and CEO

Gaya Simulations 

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Wow! All I can say is, Wow! What amazing airport scenery. FPS is through the roof!!! You guys really nailed it with this scenery and have obviously optimized it to the nth degree! Also, I would like to say thank you so much for making it again available for free to those that missed out on the original announcement. You guys are fantastic and I cannot wait to see future releases from you!

Cheers and blue skies!

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I checked out KOS today and its really an great scenery. Really nice texturing, great models and very nice on the frames.
I really can't wait for the summer schedule and to fly there daily 😄

Thx a lot! The free giveaway was a huge sign to the community and I much appreciate the work you did and I cant wait for Vienna to follow next!

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