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Found 9 results

  1. hi, so beautiful scenery BUT looks unoptimized because at previous flights, LGRP-LGKO 36FPS Departure ,10FPS Arival LGAV-LGKO. 30FPS Departure 10 FPS Arival LGTS 36 FPS Departure LGKO 7FPS Arival Airbus 319 CFM Could it be coincidental? Georgios
  2. Today I realized that I lost all of my Trees at LCLK (JustSims Airport ) I did not check any other JustSim sceneries yet ! I have also realized that I lost Trees in Other areas all over Cyprus !! ( So most probably this is a Global Issue and not only at an airport … ) When I removed Kos … everything was working Fine !! No more Autogen Issues and All my Trees were Visible again ! Please find a solution as soon as possible to fix this Important issue , otherwise my KOS Scenery is Useless ! Is there any temporary solution ? Thank you very much , Mike
  3. Fardel


    Thanks for my free copy, but I have this problem at gate 9: Paolo
  4. Hello, i found out that there is missing a folder in the "Patches"-folder, it looks like this: \Patches\+36+027, but it should look like this: Patches\+30+020\+36+027 because otherwise Ortho4XP doesn't use the patch when generating the tile, like shown in the pictures: another thing that i couldn't understand is this procedure: i can't find this file... another one: in the manual it says the correct order in the scenery_packs.ini is: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_autogen/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_road_exclusion/ but on the forum (https://i292905.tryinvision.com/topic/78-lgko-gaya-download-xplane-11/) you wrote, that this is the correct order: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_road_exclusion/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_autogen/ so, which one is the correct one? and last: as said in the manual, by reverting the patch, you should find the original in the following folder, but this doesn't exist: Custom Scenery\Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis\O4XPOption\original Would be great if this could be fixed or made more precise in the manual. Thank you very much Regards Sebastian
  5. Members 0 1 post Report post #1 Posted 1 minute ago Downloaded the new LGKO airport scenery file, used the set up installer wizard, extracted files to xplane custom scenery folder, but it does not show up in folder? Where would the files have gone? Must be doing something wrong, any suggestions. Thanks Phil
  6. I have downloaded my free copy of your new LGRP scenery but I am on iMac and I can't open the .exe file that contains the scenery. What can I do? Thanks for help and for this gift. Best regards Philippe
  7. Ferias


    Hi, this scenery in Kos is awesome! But in the night it is flop, only 10-12 fps... worse than other big airports example EDDF. Please take care of it and bring the update out thank you 🙂
  8. Was there supposed to be any install instructions? someone mentioned an install pdf, but I didn't get one in my download. I got a download .exe prog which I ran, it let me chose the decompress path, but the program adds an additional 'customer scenery' folder. this may cause issues with some folks that don't know what to look for. I ended up with the install adding 3 x folders to the customer scenery folder. LGKO ippckratis, autogen and road exclusions. In the ippckratis folder there is a 'documents' folder and within the documents folder is 2 x zip files. Are we supposed to do anything with those zip files? if so, there are no instructions. The airport and scenery appear to have loaded, it is certainly much better than the default, but just wondering if I am missing anything? Thank you
  9. Hi! I am in the process of installing the scenery and I have a question whether the paths given in the file Kos_for_X-Plane_11-User_Guide.pdf are correct. I am asking because in the installer there is the path SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery / Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_autogen whereas in pdf there is the path SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery / Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_Roads_autogen
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