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  1. Incredible! Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. I can vouch for how real the ‘feeling’ of your airports are. The atmosphere is the most important aspect of a scenery, and GAYA nails it every time. - Rob
  2. Just curious if GAYA developers travel onsite at airports to survey projects and collect photos? I’m assuming for some of the major airports that are easily accessible to GAYA headquarters, this is a yes. But, what about the far, out-of-the-way airports included in the MSFS World updates GAYA develops for MSFS? Does GAYA/MS hire locals to take photos for them, or do you send a team-member to survey the location? Regards, Rob
  3. Almost forgot to list the actual airports. Anyways they are: - Johnston Atoll PJON: This airport was used by Continental Micronesia for decades. It is now abandoned, but would be cool to recreate for retro fans. (Perhaps as freeware considering it will be hard/impossible to recreate fully accurately) - Majuro PKMJ - Nauru ANYN: This airport was also formerly on the island hopper, but is still used by other airlines, - Kwajalein PKWA: Active military installation. May be hard to get 100% accurate details, but lots of pictures available online for close enough approximatio
  4. This may be a radical idea, but it would sure be exciting.... How about a Pack of smaller airports instead of 1 big airport? I was thinking, Gaya could recreate all of the airports on the United (Continental Micronesia for the retro simmers) Island Hopper flight... These are not very big/complex airports, but are absolutely stunning. Similar to your upcoming Greek Islands packages :) Of course PHNL is a big airport. But, FSDT is confirmed to be currently working on that. So you could leave this one out. PGUM is big enough, where it would probably be it’s own release. This would b
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