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  1. It could be the size of the parking spots as I can only see small jets on some of the gates after installing some smaller aircraft as AI.
  2. To add to the above, when I remove Gaya LOWW I have AI at the gates as per screenshot above (default). When I reinstall Gaya LOWW, no more AI. Do you know why?
  3. Sure - I've attached a screenshot of LOWW in Aivlasoft EFB. AI aircraft will NOT park in any of the parking spots. Please could you check why? In other payware airports this is not a problem. I hope that helps?
  4. Raz is there a chance you can add some AI parking stands as a temp fix and upload? Really apprciate the support.
  5. Thanks Raz - however in other airports such as Flytampa Copenhagen or FSDT Zurich, I am able to see AI at the gates. Are you sure this is not something that can be implimented with a tool like ADE or similar ?
  6. Hello Raz, Fantastic work with latest update of LOWW for MSFS. I have managed to create some of my own AI flightplans with AIFP for use at LOWW, however these aircraft only seem to park on the west side near the cargo 747s. Why is this? And is there a way for my AI to park at the actual gates/terminal next to the statics (like in the P3D version)? I have edited the entry in my aircraft folder to atc_parking_types = ANY but this has not had any affect. Many thanks, Pete
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