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  1. Yes, as I said above; I do like the static models when flying offline but when flying online, you often have other simmers spawn at gates that are taken by static aircraft and with the MSFS live traffic, I assume they could also take the gate where a static aircraft is.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I will give this a try and look forward to future updates. I do like static aircraft when flying offline but fly online as well. What does this mean? Do you mean that removing the static models does not make the parking stands available to the MSFS ATC feature?
  3. Hello, I was a little disappointed that the new LOWW update still did not allow for the option for the static aircraft to be removed. This is an issue that scenery developers continue to have. Please continue to work with Microsoft on this issue, so that in the future the native settings might allow the configuration of static aircraft. Thank you and kind regards, Joe
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