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  1. Same here, if EDDM doesn't come out fast, or at least a tentative timeline is announced, most customers will cross fence and buy the other one.
  2. I am sure it will be an amazing product but too long time to market will shrink customer base significantly. Once someone purchases it from another vendor, it is almost certain they wont go for it again unless they are supremely unhappy with it and going by the chatter, it doesn't seem to be the case. Just my thoughts coming from over decade and a half in s/w industry.
  3. Faith in Gaya products has prevented me from jumping to interim options 😃
  4. The suspense is killing me 😃 Any ballpark or indicative timelines will also help a lot.
  5. What about others that were shown in the roadmap?
  6. We are in May and getting a little impatient now in absence of any news or any teaser screenshots to indicate level of progress. I suspect, I am not alone, eventually some folks will give up and go for the competing product.
  7. Hi @Raz did you make up your mind yet on either of #1 or #2? 🙂
  8. Wasn't there supposed to be an announcement mid January on EDDM?
  9. Neither can I and hence the question 😃
  10. @Raz When is EDDM coming, this quarter, next? 🙂
  11. Tried multiple times and form at this link https://gaya-simulations.com/support/ is not getting submitted. purchased Gaya Simulation Vienna from marketplace and the sim resulted in CTD. This is what happened 1. Purchased Gaya Simulation Vienna from marketplace and started the download 2. Sim crashed as it was being decompressed after the download was completed 3. Here onwards, each time I launched the sim, this problem appeared What was done to confirm that this was the problem: 1. Went to the One Store folder and deleted the Gaya Simulation Vienna 2. Started the sim and it launched successfully How do I make it work now? I downloaded it from content manager and ended up in the same state. So, even though I purchased Gaya Simulation Vienna, I cant use it as it results in CTD.
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