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  1. Sorry to tell you that, but since March i try to get any reaction from Gaya cause of some issues at LOWW Vienna. I wrote on Zendesk, at their Facebookpage,..... 8 month nothing. Gaya doesn´t care!!!!
  2. You will get an answer here. The guys from Gaya, are gone or anything else. They haven´t been here for month.
  3. Dear all, i have no clue what is going on at your company, maybe you have a lot to do with Asobo, or anything else. But it is really not the best way to ignore your customers. I wrote on Zendesk, cause after MSFS WU6 there are some issues with LOWW. No answer. I looked here on the forum, since weeks no answers on topics here. That is really a bad support. Let us know what is going on. Then the customers would understand it. But just ignoring all is not nice. Thomas
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