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  1. Yeah, there was a cooperation with Terrainy Studios. Probably just for Samos, not sure. In November, the 9 greek Airports were announced. https://fselite.net/news/gaya-simulations-announces-nine-new-greek-airports/ There were rumors that all 9 greek airports were developed together with Terrainy. But, then Terrainy released Ikaria, which is also part of Gaya announcement. So maybe Terrainy or Gaya is doing the islands alone or priorities changed, who knows.
  2. Dear Raz, I am a big fan of airports in Thailand. I would love to see Ko Samui, Phuket or Chiang Mai in Gaya Quality. Most probably you are right, when saying Asia is a difficult market right now. But things might change with evolving MSFS. E.g. due to future World Updates and already published 3rd party landmarks the focus could be shifted to Asia. Maybe it is a chance for Gaya to be a pioneer of high quality airports in this area. Please keep an eye on it. It would be awesome to see Gaya in Asia.
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