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  1. Well it took too long. I bought now LSZH somewhere else. Sorry to say that. EDDM will fellow soon
  2. it takes to long - sorry raz. it takes to long. I waited a long time for Munich.
  3. In meantime I hav emy concerns. Frankly to say the politics of Gaya is disappointing. Are there any internal issues? I do not see any new products. To be frank it takes to long.
  4. It´s quite about new releases. What´s up with EDDM and LSZH? Wehn can w expect the release? I hope Q1.
  5. Might it be an idea to allow Filbert to do an Preview? (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmiXdxpQlbpFLCA-Mb_diww) He is doing great and objectively reviews... and sometime the developper allows previews. He just placed a EDDM review from an developer (I forgot the name 😉 ) and all comments are waiting for your product. Time for a preview? What do you think?
  6. great, I will wait for it. PS for the next year EDDS would be great too 🙂
  7. Well someoneelse published now EDDM. But I would prefer to buy your version... when it does not take too long. Can you make us an christmas gift? ( And yourself to get the revenue 😉 ) PS Same für Zürich LSZH.
  8. It would be great to have EDDS in MFS. EDDS has a lovely country side with many VFR POI e.g. castles like Hohenzollern. Nice mountains and 30min away from lake of Constance and Switzerland. EDDS is one of the biggest international Airports in Germany app. 10 Mio passengers. Short flights to EDDM, EDDF, EDDL, EHAM, LSZH... A small US military base , logistic Hub, one of the biggest hub with business jets, and ... VFR General Aviation. Stuttgart has in flightsimmer scene a huge fan base. Many arguments... why haven´t you started to develop this airport?
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