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  1. Hey there Gaya folks!! Would also love to know when we'll see LSZH and more so EGSS and EDDM (I got LSZH from someone else too) and about to splurge on EDDM but wanted your quality but time is running out so many other airport seem to be taking my cash! You guys better start moving quick because you're hemoraging a lot of cash! I have had EDDM in the cart from Justsim for the last few weeks now but I'm honestly trying my best to give you guys the chance. Hopefully being connected with ORBX and MSFS hasnt put work in these aiports so far behind that we'll only see the roadmap of airport by mid next year!
  2. Daniel here from facebook! Look forward to see the roadmap you have planned 🙂 Loving LOWW, LOWI, Leeds UK... Love to see what's next for Europe! Crossing thumbs for Stansted or Zurich!
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