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  1. Hi, Do you plan to update LIMJ for p3, then doing a completely new version later, to include also new terminal, or we’ll have to wait until the release of the all new version? Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi, I’m sorry you’re right. I put the list without explanation! The idea is to recreate a “route” between northern and southern places in Europe, till Northern Africa. Starting from Paris, through Milan (where will be Olympic Winter Games 2026), together with Turin, one of the most famous Italian cities. Then going south to Palermo and Catania, two beautiful Sicilian cities, arriving to Algiers, where they have recently built the new passenger terminal. I’ll try to share some photos! Thank you! Dan
  3. Hi, I'd like to suggest: - LIMC - LIML - LIMF - LICC - LICJ - LFPG - DAAG Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi, Do you have any plan to release an updated version of LIMJ p3dv4/5 as well as MSFS? thanks, BR Dan
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