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  1. Finally the update is here didn't tried it out so far but there is an update😁
  2. No Microsoft didn't respond so far hopefully we get the new version 1.1 in todays development update🙄
  3. How long will it take? Tegel will close in one week it would be greatful if you could update this faster than the real Tegel closes. Speed up now. It can't be that difficult!😤
  4. No i have a few freewares installed but i already deinstalled them. It doesn't helped.
  5. Great to hear that I'm not the only one. Today I reinstalled the game to look if there were a problem with my Installation but now it doesn'tnt work either. Tomorrow i will call the support maybe they can help out.🙄
  6. Hello everyone, I have have a problem with the new addon scenery Berlin Tegel from Gaya. I purchased it today on the marketplace in fs2020 and tried it after downloading it. I recognized that a few Buildings are sunken in the ground and that the bridge on taxiway PW/PE isn't usable because of a buggy scenery so i reinstalled it several times but i can't fix it does someone has the same problem or a solution for this problem? My Theory is that this whole scenery is to high in the world some buildings standing on the original ground an som are standing on
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