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  1. Are there also plans that if you disabled static aircraft, also the service vehicles like stairs, … disapear
  2. think you get me wrong. I meaned if you could made a pinned topic, where all confirmed bugs/problems are listed, So that we could check first if it is already known, before making a new post But nice work so far
  3. is SAM in the plugin dropdown menu ingame?
  4. maybe a post with confirmed bugs would be usefull, to check if bug/problem is already known
  5. Also the Jetway in real life have a sound more like the ring1.ogg, just a permanent ringing. don't know if it is me or a general bug. at the lightpoles is a white boarder arround the red ligtht. https://snipboard.io/rhGeDS.jpg
  6. Hi Raz is it possible to transfer the Kos scenery to ORBX? Have bought the LOWW scenery there and would have both on the same place. nice regards Patrick
  7. also small bugs from my side If you look at Youtube videos the blue edge lights are only at the runway until the stopbar. So no edgelights between the exitpoints. also the centerline from the runway to the exits are green/amber lights see video
  8. Also DGS looks and work in LOWW complete diffrent, than the model you selected You could check it in the EAIP https://eaip.austrocontrol.at/lo/200327/PART_3/AD_2/PRI/AD_2_LOWW/LO_AD_2_LOWW_en.pdf page7
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