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  1. Well, I can only confirm that fps behavior in Kos is really weird - it can drop down from 26 to 18 at some views and can raise back in a few seconds when you turn into another taxiway for example. I just landed at rwy 32 and got 18 fps when reached A2 but as soon as I turned to A2 I got 26 fps immediatelly. However when I made my return flight I got 18 fps again - both when taxiing from A1 to 32 threshold and while taking off from 32. No other sceneries for Greece are installed at my PC, so I don't know what can make such a strange impact to Kos performance. I'm using 9900K and 2080Ti, so I have no fps issues at all in other airports but Kos is still a puzzle for me...
  2. Thank you Er!k - I don't know what exactly helped me but I got a new installer and installed it with admin rights. All works fine now.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with installing v1.2 of the scenery - please see attached image. I pressed Try Again a few times but it does not help.
  4. Hi guys, I have realized that I lost almost all vegetation around Justsim UUWW when installed LGKO. There are 2x screenshots - one with LGKO installed and another one with LGKO not installed. The difference is quite obvious, so could you please take a look at this bug from your side? Looks like something in your scenery makes an impact to UUWW autogen.
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