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  1. I am pretty disappointed about Gaya support. They say that they "commincate with their customers", but actually I had 0 help from them. Anyway I managed to get all this work now with the last update. This is how I proceed: 1) Uninstall the scenary from Orbx Central 2) Clean your scenery.cfg by removing all things related to LOWW 3) Install the scenary from Orbx Central Following this I have no more issues with the dynamic lighting, and it is true that the last update improves a lot the FPS rate. You are doing a very great job guys, the quality is awesome, keep it up. But don't forget to support your customers having issues, otherwise you will end loosing many of them, especially when you release an airport already modelled by a great quality competitor helping a lot its customers 😉 Cheers
  2. Hello, Unfortuantely the update did not solve my issue. I still cannot have any Dynamic Lighting on the airport. Which information do you need to help me with this ? I can provide whatever you want. I already tried to Verify the files from Orbx Central but still no clue.
  3. Hello Georg, I tried what you told me and it worked only for the first time I started my sim after your procedure. I closed it, did another flight and no dynamic lighting... Could someone from Gaya please confirm if this is a known issue or not ? Am I the only one experiencing this ?
  4. Thank you Markus for that tip. Howerver I have the whole airport ground lights flickering at certain view angles with that option ticked. Regarding Dynamic Lighting, could you please confirm that the feature is not present in the current version ? Will it be updated anyhow soon ? This is clearly and by far the biggest con of the product. If the dynamic lighting would be implemented, you would be close to have the most detailed airport of P3D.
  5. Hello, I have a strange behaviour on the brand new Vienna airport when I am near the terminal. As you can see in the following video I have no dynamic lighting and a strange light flickering at a constant frequency. Video Is it a known issue ? Best regards, Trile
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