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  1. Unfortunately still nothing about which airports will also come for P3D and XP... I hope any will... but the Greece package is really great, however, also only if we also get it for P3D..
  2. Please please release it for P3D as well. I know we have the new one from SimWIngs, but Gaya Simulations EDDM in P3D would literally be NEEEEEEXT level and not able to be surpassed by ANYBODY. With Munich announced and hopefully coming for P3D as well, we also need a Gaya EDDB, as it´s based on EDDM in many aspects so I call BER like a sister airport of MUC;)
  3. Do we have like moving jetways? STRG+J or SODE? I wasn´t able to connect the jetway at stand 3 this morning.
  4. Munich (any scenery out there is still not perfect even though we´re coming close), German Regional Airports (thinking of Sylt, Paderborn, Munster, Dortmund, Saarbrucken, Karlsruhe, Kassel/Calden, Dresden, Erfurt, Memmingen - I know these are many, but you´re currently developing that many airports of which some are pretty big so I don´t think it´d be a big problem to recreate some of the smaller ones) and last but not least, Greenland Airports (maybe together with Greenlany scenery by ORBX?) like BGSF, BGGH, BGBW, BGJN and many many more. Greenland is such a great place and the airports are also pretty small so maybe pretty easy for you to create. Greenland is underrated in our flight sims. Requesting all for P3D and FS2020, for me it´s very important to still have P3D available.
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