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  1. You can also do that manually by going to your GayaSimulations Kos\GAYA_KOS_AIRPORT\texture folder. You can copy the contents of the folder named '2k' into the GayaSimulations Kos\GAYA_KOS_AIRPORT\texture folder...
  2. Are you using 4k or 2k textures? And which resolution are you using in-sim? An does this occur at day or night? And which sim version are you using?
  3. Great to hear that. Thanks for reporting back to us and enjoy the scenery!
  4. Hi have you tried to redownload the installer? And are you installing the scenery as admin?
  5. Well done Raz! Great to have the sceneries available for even more people 😀
  6. Thanks for the inside information! A very nice read 😊
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