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  1. I think Stockholm will be done by Orbx, since they also did the P3D version... The developer already created Gothenorg for MSFS and I won't be surprised is ESSA is next 😉
  2. Actually, for MSFS I am pretty happy with static planes! Since there is no proper AI yet with real world liveries, the statics make the airport both more alive and realistic...
  3. Hi all, maybe it is nice to show your screenshots here. I will start. At Vienna for a flight to Eindhoven
  4. Microsoft want to check every content file before it is placed into the Marketplace and they update the Marketplace once on Thursday/Friday after the weekly update and also when a patch is being released.
  5. Still grabbing my jaws together after seeing this previews. Well done guys!
  6. Thanks for the response Raz. I would skip Schiphol, since FlyTampa is already planning a huge overhaul and the airport is under heavy construction the coming years. For Eindhoven and Lelystad people are also working on freeware... So if I would have to pick one I guess I would take Lelystad. Attractive for GA flyers, and also airliners because of the expansion of the runway and new terminal. And of course the Aviodrome museum with interesting aircraft outside like a Fokker 70 and 747 of KLM and more. Also the yearly FsWeekend is hosted there (unfortunately cancelled to COVID this year), so may
  7. Hi Raz, I would like to see some Dutch Airports, like: - EHLE Lelystad, with the new expansion to cater charter flights and the Aviodrome museum, a nice location to discover the Netherlands - EHEH Eindhoven, second busy airport after Amsterdam, not depicted currently due to blurred bing data since it is a military air base as well
  8. Please check this thread:
  9. Do you have any other add-ons installed? Sometimes these issues can be caused by add-ons using files with the same names...
  10. At this time configuration tools are not possible... So some developers choose to include statics and make them optional and other developers chose to remove them and add them at a later stage (like Alesund)... Manual removal of files also won't work because there are some JSON files with the listings of all content.
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