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  1. I don't know if / when a solution might become available, but until that time the even simpler workaround is to simply ignore the warning messages. They do not appear to prevent the scenery from displaying properly. I'm not even sure it is the LGKO scenery that is calling for those missing objects since I tried opening the airport in WED, and searching for (e.g.) 'police car' yielded no results. Perhaps it is default X-Plane autogen that is generating the messages.
  2. Hi Filippo, Ran the new installer after deleting the 3 folders. Installed to correct location (Custom Scenery). Scenery looks just as good as before. However, I am still getting the warnings for missing objects. Log file attached. While I am aware I could get rid of the warnings by copying the relevant files from the XP libraries (or better adding suitable lines to the library.lib files under LGKO and LGKO_autogen 'Roads' subfolders), that would only be appropriate if those referenced objects should indeed be visible with this scenery. I wouldn't want, for example, a load of pylons appearing on the map if that was not the author's intent. I am also at a loss as to why only some of us appear to be getting the warnings. Hopefully Raz can come up with some definitive guidance. Regards, John Log.txt
  3. That's the strange thing. The 'missing' objects seem to be primarily from the default XP libraries, and I'm guessing that the warning messages would disappear if suitable 'export....' lines were added to the LGKO library.lib file. However, I would assume that Gaya had not intended for those objects to be used for the scenery. @Filippo Nesi As requested, I have attached my log and scenery_packs.ini files. I used xOrganiser to disable all plugins and just about everything in my custom scenery file apart from LGKO and the associated ortho tiles. Warnings are still there as you will see. Hope this helps. John scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  4. No. Just tried with the overlay disabled and still got the warning messages. Ah well..
  5. @Filippo Nesi I get the same warnings in my log file. I'd not posted before as I had assumed it was the same for everyone. One possible theory: I created my own ortho4XP tiles, including an Overlay derived from the standard X-Plane source. I wonder if the overlay is calling for those (XP default library) objects? Regards
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