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  1. Hi guys, the new installer was created before @Artox67 found a solution. For the moment, we will update the user manual by adding this workaround and we will create an appropriate section with a guide for this specific issue in our forums. We will let you know when a solution is available. Until then, please use the solution described above. Only a very small number of our users is experimenting this issue so far. Regards Filippo
  2. Hi Santi, I am using LGKO + personal orthos (+36+027) and that item looks OK here. Please watch after 2:06.
  3. Hi guys, it seems that at least a couple of you have already solved the issue on their own side. However, Raz looked into it and released a new installer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Wi6CrOf--tuKanCqcFlbGzznbxtAMgQ/vw?usp=drivesdk Please delete your original three scenery folders, launch the installer and point it to your Custom Scenery folder (I tested on my system and this happened automatically). Please report. Regards Filippo
  4. Wow, @Artox67, this is so refreshing! I informed Raz and he will be looking into this tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Hopefully this will help other users too! Enjoy the scenery!
  5. OK guys. We're trying the isolate the error. We tried a clean install of X-Plane 11 + LGKO + OpenSceneryX. The scenery is loaded correctly. Can you please check you have installed the latest OpenSceneryX version? https://www.opensceneryx.com/ Regards
  6. Hi John, I have noticed you have all items disabled except the three LGKO folders. And yet the problem persists... This makes things really harder. One thing I have noticed about your logs (@Vostflyer, @Artox67 and @keenrw) is that all of you have OpenSceneryX installed. In principle, that might be the possible cause of the error. But the problem seems to persist even after disabling all items, as your test shows. Therefore this leaves only two possibilities: - a missing default library on your side - a problem during LGKO installation I will send a ZIP to all of you. @Artox67 received my fiiles, unfortunately this did not help solve the problem. Regards Filippo
  7. Morning guys. First thing first. I am a user myself. I am just trying to help Raz sorting out your issues on this weekend, as he's not available at the moment. Please be assured that Gaya Simulations is fully interested to have your issues solved as quickly as possible. Now, most users do not have those warnings. The scenery seems to work just fine on their sides. One possibility was an error during the installation. Therefore, I sent my three scenery folders (as they are on my system) to @Artox67 and asked him to replace the existing ones. Unfortunately, we had no luck. Apparently, he is still getting the same errors. So we can now rule this out. I am analyzing his log.txt trying to figure out what may cause those abnormal calls. I would kindly ask you to send us your log.txt and your scenery_packs.ini files. There is probably a common cause that we need to detect. Note: If any of you is using xOrganizer: please try to deactivate as many sceneries, libraries and orthos as possible, then launch LGKO. See if the scenery is loaded correctly. Then, please try to reactivate all deactivated items until you find out the culprit. I understand this is time-consuming, but is also the most logic way to isolate the cause of the error. Regards Filippo
  8. Hi guys, my name is Filippo and I am trying to help Raz here to get your issues sorted out. @Artox67 and @keenrw, would you mind contacting me in private? I will send you a ZIP file with all three scenery folders. I looked into your logs and I am wondering why those files are called when you launch the scenery in first place. While many other sceneries use them, they are actually not part of the Gaya Simulations LGKO (I do not have them under Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis/roads and I get no log error when I launch the scenery on my system). We need to investigate what is causing such conflict. Maybe there was an error during the installation or some other element is interfering on your side. Regards
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