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  1. Please ignore my post ! Just found the Update . Thank you , Mike
  2. Hello Guy's , Is Kos Update Out or not yet ! I am one of the lucky ones that got a free copy of Kos ! If the Update is Out , could someone tell me how can i get it ? Thank you , Mike
  3. Thank you very much Keenrw !
  4. Thank you very much Raz !!
  5. I found a temporary solution after I search the support forums ! For the missing autogen ! I removed KOS folder and checked again and the autogen came back, i then removed the KOS autogen folder and just manually installed the Airport the old way (non XML) and the Autogen is fine . I manually added the effects files to the effects folder of P3D . I have Now Lost All of the Trees of The Island of Kos at the moment ( I have also Installed Eyal Sim Design Kos Island ). All of the buildings are there . It is definitely better than Nothing ! The Airport is fine !! Waiting for a permanent solution guys ! Mike
  6. Hello Raz , There is no such a file ! Are you referring to : AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb AutogenDescriptions_Legacy_Mid.spb AutogenDescriptions_Legacy_Min.spb The Only XML file that it is in Autogen folder is : default.xml And default_XML_before_Mykonos X_was_install.bak Mike
  7. Today I realized that I lost all of my Trees at LCLK (JustSims Airport ) I did not check any other JustSim sceneries yet ! I have also realized that I lost Trees in Other areas all over Cyprus !! ( So most probably this is a Global Issue and not only at an airport … ) When I removed Kos … everything was working Fine !! No more Autogen Issues and All my Trees were Visible again ! Please find a solution as soon as possible to fix this Important issue , otherwise my KOS Scenery is Useless ! Is there any temporary solution ? Thank you very much , Mike
  8. Hello Raz , How can i fix it ? I have Also Installed simdesign free Kos Scenery !! Thank you , Mike
  9. Problem Solved !! I Disabled my Antivirus , Redownload , Reinstalled Kos , and everything is Perfect Now !! Thank you GAYA for the free copy , much appreciated ! Mike
  10. Hello , I have Installed Kos into my Prepar3DV4.5 and it is Perfect ! Thank you very much ! However I am experiencing some ground texture anomalies . Please see below : Any help will be appreciated ! Thank you , Mike Georgiou
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