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  1. Hello, I want a shortcut for the Kos giveaway. My email is Bawerh2016@gmail.com. If you guys need The coupon code please ask me
  2. Fully understand that, im sorry for that hard choice of word but it was probably just something that went wrong or something. Because I was waiting for the email that I never got. I was really busy during the weekend so I did not think of checking your Facebook page and stuff. But I really appreciate you guys giving away that kind of quality for totally free. I will for sure support you guys in the following scenery you are making and more. Is the XP coupons going to be open in this week, if I could ask? Just so I can have a clue to when I should check the website?
  3. Hello, My name is Bawer and I had signed up for the giveaway since Christmas. I waited and waited. Then I got a message from you guys 5th of February that you would publish the new scenery in the weekend and I would just need to wait for another email from you guys. I waited until now I did not get anything. I got the one from 5th of February in the main inbox, and I taught I would get it like that this time too. But I just found out its over...? I feel tricked. So I was wondering if you guys could please give me the product as I also have the coupon code
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