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  1. I understand there is now a new opportunity to download the free Kos scenery, but once again I have received no e-mail with a code. Please send me the code before the download closes again. Dirk
  2. Hello Raz, Good to hear you will do another 24 hours for the XP11 version. However, if you do not send me a redeem code I still will not be able to obtain the scenery.. You say you sent email to all entrants, but I repeat, I have received no email with a redeem code. I do not see why it should be a problem to send me the code now, so I can obtain the promised scenery . Dirk
  3. No email received, also nothing in the spam-folder. Please send codes; Dirk Schellaars
  4. I still have not received an email with codes for the download of the free Kos scenery. On December 26 I receiveds the following e-mail from you: On January 22 i received: the following e-mail Yesterday I got the following e-mail I have got no other e-mails concerning this matter. I have also checked my trash folder but there was nothing in it. I understand that the XP11 giveaway will end today at 19:00 so I expect you to send me the required code by e-mail (I do not make use of any social media) in time to be able to make the download. Dirk Schellaars
  5. on december 26 I :received from you the following message : I have, however, never received an e-mail with a code nor any notification that the scenery was ready for download. Please take measures so that I can download the promised Kos scenery; Dirk Schellaars
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