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  1. Login on www.gaya-simulations.com then your account name en press your product’s
  2. That's weird I am running with a less processor and videocard (i7 4790k & GTX1080) but no problems with performance. And how low are your frames?
  3. I am very curious, what are your PC specs exatly?
  4. Hi Raz, Since the succes with more then 6000 downloads, I hope everyone also will appreciate Kos and buy Vienna. So in how far is the progression of this LOWW scenery? When can we expect some screenshots and when to expect release? regards Raymond
  5. Perhaps an high server load due to downloads? Looks like its normal now
  6. The same from the Netherlands, besides EHAM also EHEH and EHRD are routes to Kos
  7. You know LGRP and the whole island coverage has been done by FSDG?
  8. Hi Released here: https://eyalsimdesign.weebly.com/kos-island.html
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