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  1. You can ask me. I will test it if you want. Frank
  2. Sorry , are there something news about the low FPS. Thanks Frank
  3. I have this bad Frames only testet on day light. There must be something in the scenery. First when i load my NGXu to LGKO (Parking) the Frames are hight. After some time the Frames going down and down. My System ( I7-4790K OC 4.6 GHZ, Nvidia 1070)
  4. Hallo Support Team, the Frames in LGKO are very bad. (10 - 18 Frames) NGXu At all my Airports on my System i have good Frames. (EDDF 24-30 Frames) NGXu Are you working on a fix !? Thanks Frank from EDDM
  5. @Harry320 Thanks. Did you make the Workaround with deleting autogen from the XML Folder + try to put the File "AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.xml" from your Kos Scenery to your P3D Autogen Folder. Did you use both workarounds or just the one you wrote me Thanks Frank from EDDM
  6. With this workaround are many trees missing around the airport. I think this is not working well.
  7. What can i do I insert the XP Code to the p3d Version. My download is XP. How can i get the p3d installer. I have no XP. Thanks Frank
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