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  1. Hi Raz, I've been religiously checking my e-mail and nothing recent from Gaya. Only e-mails I find go back to the original Kos holiday giveaway. Would you be able to check my profile here and check the e-mail address and perhaps re-send? I'm eager to get Kos into Orbx and P3dv5. Maybe then I can get a flight from Loww to Kos completed in v5. 🙂
  2. Hi Raz, Any news on the remaining upgrade certificates? Best, Robert
  3. Hello Raz, It is Sunday and I have not received an email for Orbx upgrade. I checked spam and junk and no email there either. Look forward to porting over the library to Kos to Orbx and P3dv5. Thank you! Best, Robert
  4. Thanks for the spam folder reminder. Found my codes there.
  5. Hi, I registered for the holiday promotion on 24th December, received an update e-mail on 22nd January, and received release announcement about 30 minutes ago stating that I am time limited in applying my coupon and that the coupon is active at sign in. However, I did not receive an actual coupon code in the release announcement e-mail. I'm unable to redeem and download Kos without a code. Please advise. Thank you!
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