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  1. Hi, sounds very exciting news, finally we should use the scenery. looking forward
  2. I have reported this At the first beginning while for me is not possible to fly due to very low FPS but nothing since then. I’m now on fs2020
  3. Today had two flights in the morning 1. B737-800 NGXu LGRP Departure 38 FPS To LGKO Arival 7-8 FPS 2. A321 CFM LROP Departure 36 FPS To LGKO Arival 8-9 FOS I really get impressed with the difference. Hope I’m the only one Havent tried night flight yet but I can imagine how it will be while during the day is so low FPS
  4. hi, so beautiful scenery BUT looks unoptimized because at previous flights, LGRP-LGKO 36FPS Departure ,10FPS Arival LGAV-LGKO. 30FPS Departure 10 FPS Arival LGTS 36 FPS Departure LGKO 7FPS Arival Airbus 319 CFM Could it be coincidental? Georgios
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