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  1. Seems like I read it wrong and thought you referred to the static aircrafts and the ability to turn them on/off. As for the AI- they all should work, and if not we will check it and will add it to a future update.
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for your compliments about LOWW update 🙂 Regard the parking- as far as we know the option to assign parking for AI is not available in MSFS (unlike P3D where you can also assign specific parking to specific airline. We will keep follow the SDK updates and will continue updating all of our products with the latest features available. Raz
  3. ENGM is major hub and could be nice airport to make (I think also commercial wise), however for now we focus to complete the roadmap we announced and invested in. That roadmap logic is to have connection between each airport to the other (kind of "network"). In addition 3 main hubs are coming in top quality: LSZH, EDDM and EGSS alongside with some other very iconic airports like LSZA (I can tell you I made some nice VR flying around and it's amazing!). Raz.
  4. Hi, That feature is not yet available at the native way however we manage to make some "temp" solution for those of you just want the models to be off. The big weak of that method is apart from the exclusion of the static models the parking stands are not actively available (that's the part we waiting for the SDK to support). To make it happen we have separated the static aircrafts into independent .bgl file call Loww-scene - static.bgl (each airport with it's own icao code and file name). That file could be found at gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna\scenery\Gaya\Vi
  5. We will make a preview of the current development states pretty soon, hopefully at the first part of January. As we mentioned at our latest post on FB we dedicated December to make major updates products (Vienna, Zell Am See) in parallel to developing our brand new development. Raz
  6. Hi, We are working hard (really hard) on few major airports as you know and no doubt EDDM is one of the top of those. We will show some work-in-progress soon, and i'm pretty sure you all will love it (and will find out there is not much competition 😉 ).
  7. Zell am See is next up for an update - version 1.2 -RELEASED! THE UPGRADE IS FREE OF CHARGE! Here's the list of changes: - Updated ground layout to accommodate RWY26 extension. - Ground areas now receive the full PBR and specular treatment. - Fixed issues with windsocks. - Fuel area is now active and working. - The airport will now have 'star' on the world map - Added PBR to parked cars. - A number of miscellaneous bug fixes. The update is currently available as Orbx and Simmarket and should be a
  8. Airports in Asia, particularly in lovely (and well missing) Thailand could be very interesting, exotic and ignite some good memories (for me at least 😄 ), however currently those are not in our roadmap. Raz
  9. LOIJ Sankt Johann in Tirol for MSFS is now available in Orbx Central with a limited time 20% off!! bundle with Zell Am See (LOWZ)- Get the perfect pair of Austrian Alps GA airfields! Get it here - https://Orbx.to/LOIJ LOWZ existing customer? You’ve got 20% off discount too! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. It's took some time but we proofed we are not raising our hands and will never give up for our customers. I will make an official announcement about that soon, but we will also have a solution for our clients from Simmarket! And, one of the most important thing for us, our support- we working hard to improve it and be better and better! not to mention several massive updates coming to our products free of charge of course. Raz
  11. It’s definitely not I said. Since this is not the place for that discussion I will lock that thread. for any other criticism you have several platform to make your noise.
  12. For any refund you should contact the store you bought it from and it proceed according their policy.
  13. Welcome to Sankt Johann Airport Tirol! An all Austrian-affair is on the cards with our next scenery, Sankt Johann Airport, which is located just a stone's throw away from the German border and a similarly short distance from another of our products: Zell am See is only a 35 km jaunt as the crow [simmer] flies. Featuring just a single asphalt strip along with two grass ones, Sankt Johann's airport is the epitome of a general aviation field and perfect for gaining experience in the mountains. Gaya has your local flying sorted as well, because as mentioned the beautiful ski town
  14. Hi Chris, We know (and knew) that during the development. Airport sceneries are "snapshot in time". It's known airports frequently changing and developing (well, at least at the times before the Corona), and for that we are always working on updates. Particularly with LOWZ, we plan an update to add the extension of the runway, the new taxiway and few other fixes and improvements (like fix the windsock direction and few more things based mostly on your feedback!) Raz.
  15. Hi, You can be sure we will check it out and do our best to solve that issue or push anywhere we can to make it solved by MS/Asobo.
  16. Hi Alessandro, By now we have not yet found any solution for make the on/off static (include the option to make the parking stands available when those are off and some other "advance" options. Keep working on that and will inform at the moment we have something, but it's definetly on our list. Raz
  17. Thanks for the really great support guys! We are all very exciting and happy to see our community growing and those discussions keep going! it's really inspiring us all! I just done some amazing VFR flight from LOWZ to LOIJ and no doubt we need another GA flugplatz in reasonable distance from those 2. LOSM is nice candidate however I could not confirm nor decilne anything by now. As you all see the roadmap is fully booked for a year ahead, however our senses are always active for new and exciting things (sometimes those are out of the box ideas!). As for the other options, for
  18. HI guys, The first platform we developing now is MSFS. From analyzing sales data we can see the major simulator those days is MSFS. I must say P3D is not far behind. Another factor we take into consideraion - the moment payware aircrafts will come to MSFS. I'm not going into the debate of what will happen however based on that data we have not we plan to keep and developing for P3D and try the best to bring more content to XP as well. As for time frame. Hard to say when P3D and XP versions will come for each airport, however we will do the best for that and given no major mar
  19. Today we are set to announce and preview 8 new airports scheduled for release during the 2020 holiday season and into 2021 (Tomorrow we will announce another 9, all in Greece) We are pilots like you, we love new places to fly, we love airports with exquisite details and we demand the level of quality the Gaya name has become synonymous with. With this many airports being planned we would completely understand your concerns that we would sacrifice quantity for quality. We at Gaya make this promise to you. Nothing will ever be released that doesn’t meet our exacting standards. We have
  20. Hi Stefan, Unfourtentaly MS Marketplace yet to tracked the reason making the anomalies in EDDT. We are pushing as we can to try and solve it with them asap. Will update you all at the moment it will be available.
  21. Unfourtionetly there is still an issue with the MS store version. MS are still trying to track the issue.
  22. You can't beleive it but I have that in mind when saw it! Could be cool! Ill add it to the update list!
  23. Ill start by saying i'm very happy for that deep discussion. it's encourage us to improve more and more and that's exaclty waht we are into! In addition, I'm not sure it's a typical "support" post but more a concept or feedback post which, as I said, im very happy to read and see! Ill try to respnde each part of you article: 1. Lights color and covering- here it's a little bit confusing issue. I use to divide between how things look in photos with how things looks and feel in real life (This is actually the most important part of all my replay). I assume it's happend to almos
  24. Are you guys trying to contact the support from here:
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