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  1. Hi, Please open ticket at our support system. Raz
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the kind words! We can not replay or grant any support for official Microsoft release so ill redirect you to Microsoft for that.
  3. We got everyday support tickets and all working just perfect and smooth with Zendesk. If you still have problem with use it please contact me in private message and ill make sure you get there. Raz
  4. Hi Paolo, To get the support please go to www.gaya-simulations.com (make sure you type the "www" since we have an issue with the domain we working to fix). At the home page bottom right corner of the screen you will have "support" button- please use it. Raz
  5. Hi Guys, We are not "sign" on a date or time frame until we are 100% knows we knows to achieve that schedule. We know and appreciate the huge anticipation of many and you can be sure those will be top class products. A bit of insight- in general there are 2 main "tactics" of products previews: 1. Show on going development include drafts, work in progress, art work etc. 2. Show beta version of a project- that's mean the product is nearly ready. Each of the tactics have pros and cons and come to serve different goals. I'm still considering what's the right method for EDDM,
  6. Hi @paolo Please contact our support.
  7. Hi there, please contact our support.
  8. Hi Niels, Warm welcome to our forums! Gaya forums are not using for any kind of support. Please contact to our support and we will be happy to assist you 🙂
  9. Welcome to Kristiansand - Prepar3Dv4.5 & v5 Shortly before the release it's the perfect time to share with you the full picture of ENCN for Prepar3Dv5! The airport will come also to Prepar3Dv4.5 (and MSFS of course) and will be released via Orbx Central. We are also planning to celebrate our brand new website (exciting!) so expect cool surprise to come with it! And yes- there will be cross platform discount!
  10. I can safely say those projects like all other Gaya projects going smoothly by the plan! Our focus is always developer and produce state of the art products, hence we avoiding rushing out and no other competitor product will have any impact of it. We will soon share with you previews and i'm sure you will love it! very exciting!
  11. Yes! We are just making final touch-ups and plan to release both MSFS and P3D together.
  12. Hi, I won't mark any date or timeframe until im 100% sure about it. I can tell EDDM is in a very good and smooth developing process and will be world class airport. Not to mention it's brand new development and will include an amazing level of details. We all really can't wait to share with you some previews 🙂
  13. As known the HQ of Gaya located in Israel however we have people from all around the globe- from New Zealand to Brazil (include many countries in between). As for your question- the answer YES and NO :) . Ill use the opportunity to give a bit of insight about how we approach an airport project and how, briefly, we execute it. The first step we take in any project is planning while focusing the very main issue- what experience and immersion we what to achieve. For instance- while worked on Florence we wanted to achieve that Italian style airport with the "mess" of how the cars and gr
  14. That's "airports packs" is something we really into it and we actually working on 3 of those type: Greece Island 1,2,3 (should come at the summer). We already made major part of the art work for those with the top Gaya quality. As for the airports you mentioned I can't see it really happen the coming year (at least). All are amazing locations but with a low commercial potential (as we see that). We are all very passionate however we are a commercial company and plan our projects mostly by those factors and market research. Raz
  15. Thanks! really happy to read you having good time with our Austria airports. Military's airport are something we are not plan to go into at the near future from various reasons (Sometimes sensitive locations and very small potential market etc). Austria itself is an amazing location for flight simming and we have some more ideas for the country.
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