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  1. We are updating the webstie structure, servers and many other elements those days to be ready for the future 😉 Will be ready soon with all those things you mentioned solved.
  2. The comming week. It's one of those long updates making our site ready for the next stage (hint hint...)
  3. Hello. We aware the issue and working to solve it asap. no worries- your content is not gone 🙂
  4. Hello. We aware the issue and working to solve it asap. no worries- your content is not gone 🙂
  5. @rbapon Please send me your email adress you used for the giveaway so we could check and solve it quick. Raz
  6. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/194643-lgko-upgrade-for-p3dv5-coupons-available-now/
  7. I saw on Orbx forums that issue have been solved. For the knowledge of others here is a direct link for the solution: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/194577-loww-airport-multiple-jetways/
  8. Raz

    KOS and Orbx

    Hi, Better to raise that issue over our dedicated support forum in Orbx forums (link below) so we could solve it out with Orbx guys: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/298-lgko-kos-airport/ Raz
  9. See my last post here:
  10. Hi guys, We planned to send the 600 left keys on Sunday however a small internal issue casue little delay. We are working to make sure you get it asap! If ill see it's taking too much time I have plan B 😉 Raz
  11. Hi Matej, There are 600 people who will get their upgrade coupon codes tomorrow (Sunday). Raz
  12. Hi Fulvio. Will recover it for you however it should wait for monday. Raz
  13. Raz

    KGKO for P3D V5

    Kos for Prepar3Dv5 is available only via Orbx Central. For all who got Kos as giveaway there is an upgrade fee of 8€- more details here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/194643-lgko-upgrade-for-p3dv5-coupons-available-now/
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