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  2. EDDT for P3D contain the SODE jetways. All tested and working (with almost all payware aircrafts).
  3. Hi @Francis Gaya Florcence airport is rendition of the airport (LIRQ) and not include the city. The city of Florence is come as 3D city (photogarammertic city) from Microsoft as part of the base simulator. Those cities, like the orthophotos, are streaming in real time and from your photos it's clear you have problem with the streaming (maybe bandwich issue?). In fact, the city in your photos is the offline version. We strongly suggest you to contact Microsoft for support.
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  6. Buonasera, sono nuovo appena iscritto è divento matto, non riesco a capire perchè nello scenario di Firenze città vedo tutto perfettamente ma non i monumenti Cupola Ponte vecchio, ecc ma solo i ponti generici e i palazzi oltre all'aeroporto che vedo perfettamente. Qualcuno sa fornirmi risposta in merito Grazie
  7. Do we have like moving jetways? STRG+J or SODE? I wasn´t able to connect the jetway at stand 3 this morning.
  8. Munich (any scenery out there is still not perfect even though we´re coming close), German Regional Airports (thinking of Sylt, Paderborn, Munster, Dortmund, Saarbrucken, Karlsruhe, Kassel/Calden, Dresden, Erfurt, Memmingen - I know these are many, but you´re currently developing that many airports of which some are pretty big so I don´t think it´d be a big problem to recreate some of the smaller ones) and last but not least, Greenland Airports (maybe together with Greenlany scenery by ORBX?) like BGSF, BGGH, BGBW, BGJN and many many more. Greenland is such a great place and the airports are a
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  10. There are actually a lot of news! 1. The runway glitches casue by photogarrametric and DEM streaming of MS. That's why few user suffer from that and the vast majority not. see more here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/runway-glitch-causes-crash/286206/58 2. We have made some extra "polish" there and re-checked the runway slope and shape + few extra improvments (like fix the logo over the KLM Cityhopper engine and following to your feedback). The update will be available in Orbx from tomorrow and we already updated the version sent to MS (and should be available there asa
  11. When the patch to correct the glitches on runway and the freeze of the sim loading the airport? No news about that from two week. Regards Vincenzo
  12. i would love to see Munich Airport (EDDM) from you guys! 🙂
  13. Current version: 1.01 Last update: 29.10.2020 Shops available: 1. Orbx Central. 2. MS Marketplace (V1.0)- Waiting for MS to update the version. Will inform when available. Updages changelog: Version 1.01 1. More optimize for the base scenery. 2. Bump after landing - Improved (there is known bug at the base simulator with PG- see below). 3. Crashing when on runway, takeoff or landing from both sides- improved. (same as section 2, there is known bug at the base simulator with PG- see below). 4. update the KLM Cityhopper model and texture.
  14. Current version: 1.01 Last update: 29.10.2020 Shops available: Orbx Central Notes: 1. Update available for both P3Dv4.5+ and P3Dv5 Updages changelog: Version 1.01: 1. Fixed few "unpaved" areas at the aprons. 2. Fixed the crash and "hole" inside the asphalt between rwy23L and 23R. 3. Synced the seasons to the P3D seasons. 4. Few other cosmetics fixes.
  15. I haven't found it yet that it was suggested, but was thinking of something like LPFR- Faro Airport or LPPR - Porto 😄
  16. OMG, please tell me you're doing KBNA (Nashville Intl)! I would love that or KBOS, but assuming FlyTampa is doing KBOS already (not that yours might not look better...). I've heard of no one doing KBNA and that airport by you guys would be GORGEOUS!
  17. Airport in Eastern Asia area always interesting! I love the mid-day hazy approaches into Suvarnabhumi or the rush of the Tuk-Tuks near Phnom Penh airports 🙂, however we are commercial business and each project need to be profitable by the end, and sadly markets in thos areas are small (far from cover the costs).
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  19. Hello, i have the proposal to create really new airports for P3DV5 🙂, which are not available until now: Thailand: VTBS, VTCC, VTSM Cambodia: VDSR, VDPP Myanmar: VYYY, VYMD, VYHH, VYTD Best regards Oliver
  20. Yeah, November 8th. I'm in the same boat as you 😞
  21. just read tegel is to close soon, is that true ive just bought it ?
  22. hello, really like what you guys have done with Vienna Airport, great job! Just one little wish, is it possible to add corner lights to the jet bridges in any further updates? thanks for listening.
  23. Not at all on the same level of quality and accuracy of Gaya sceneries. and it is out dated for ages. EDDF is handcrafted in MSFS. We really need LPPT airport for its beautiful landscape and river views during the approach.
  24. Here are few hints for what we are working on: EG##, LSZH, LG##, ENCN, KB##, SB##, LS##, ED##, LO## I won't tell more, but we are working on nice annoncment with a lot of nice work-in-progress previews 🙂 *The order of the ICAO codes are not hint for the release order.
  25. Excuse me? http://mkstudios.pl/page/products/24-lisbon-p3d4.html Its Frankfurt. BIG announcement can only be FRANKFURT 😛 😄
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