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  3. No response yet. Another problem I have is that when I am on the runway RAAS says "on taxiway"! How to fix this?
  4. I just read that an email was sent to the owners of the free edition of KOS to migrate to ORBX. I don't remember having received an email for this option. Is it possible to get a key code still? Thanks in advance. Regards, Hans
  5. Please post the same question on orbx forums. it's pure issue for Orbx Centrals guys, and i would like you to get the best- please tag me there so I can monitor. Raz
  6. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/197139-gaya-loww-runway-approach-lights-totally-misplaced/
  7. Hello.I just have installed LGKO via ORBX and as You can see it's here at scenery libary.I have installed also at P3Dv4 and LGKO is below OpenLc Base.My question is why and at this situation like on the screnshoot is ok or sholud be higher at addons?Thanks.
  8. Guest

    Kos Island roads

    Hi, I am not too technically minded and am struggling to get any roads on Kos Island I have just purchased the product through ORBX site, any assistance for simpletons greatly appreciated. I have tried syncing the sym through orbx
  9. Same for me. I sent Raz a private message on June 19 but haven't heard anything yet. Could you check it, please? Thanks Yves
  10. Hi Raz, I also sent you a private message with my email (as you have requested this information from another user) last Monday, Jun/22nd, but haven't receive yet a reply from you. Is there any news? Thank you and best regards, Plinio
  11. We are updating the webstie structure, servers and many other elements those days to be ready for the future 😉 Will be ready soon with all those things you mentioned solved.
  12. The comming week. It's one of those long updates making our site ready for the next stage (hint hint...)
  13. Hi, when will the login work again?! I would like to download the updated KOS version 😞
  14. Hello. We aware the issue and working to solve it asap. no worries- your content is not gone 🙂
  15. Hello. We aware the issue and working to solve it asap. no worries- your content is not gone 🙂
  16. I won Kos for XP back then and wanted to download it again after I reinsalled XP11. But when I wanted to sign in, nothing worked like it should. I just keep pressing the login button and nothing happens. I thought my passwort could be wrong and tried to reset my passwort but that doesn't work either. I hope someone can help me because Kos is really a great scenery where I want to fly again. Regards
  17. hi, i'm unable to login into my Account. I enter my email address and password, but nothing happens. If i hit F5 i get a message: Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Harald
  18. I solved the problem. I don't know how.
  19. Hello, I am a happy user of your KOS scenery. You did a wonderful job there and thank you. Everything was fine until I installed xOrganizer V2.2.3. Since then, the KOS scene is basic again. However, in the scenery_packs.ini file, the three elements appear in the correct order: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_autogen/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Gaya_Sim_LGKO_Ippokratis_road_exclusion/ So I don't know how to fix the problem. Here is the scenery_packs.ini file created by X Plane before installing xOrganizer, when KOS worked well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dznug38xbnry6wc/scenery_packs (KOS WORKING).txt?dl=0 Here is the new scenery_packs.ini file, where KOS no longer works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8kyhn2iabegsfs/scenery_packs (KOS NOT WORKING).txt?dl=0 Do you have a diagnosis and a solution? Thank you for your help.
  20. I can't seem to download Kos either. It's not in "Your Products" on my account and there are no products on the "Products" tab at the top.
  21. @rbapon Please send me your email adress you used for the giveaway so we could check and solve it quick. Raz
  22. Hi Raz, I've been religiously checking my e-mail and nothing recent from Gaya. Only e-mails I find go back to the original Kos holiday giveaway. Would you be able to check my profile here and check the e-mail address and perhaps re-send? I'm eager to get Kos into Orbx and P3dv5. Maybe then I can get a flight from Loww to Kos completed in v5. 🙂
  23. Hi, I have a problem You write ... As promised, those of you who have Kos as a giveaway and want to upgrade to Prepar3Dv5 can now do so with the discount voucher you received by post yesterday! That applies to me. I received Kos as a giveaway But I haven't received an email with the code to date. Could you check that please?
  24. I do not have a single addon in that folder...
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