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  2. The same with ENCN for P3D and the complaints about the spikes in the landscape. Nothing done with it since release. It's a shame. Well for me the first and last airport I bought from Gaya. No good. And I didn't made a ticket in Zendesk. A number of people already did, but no response or action from gaya. It makes no sense at all
  3. Dear all, i have no clue what is going on at your company, maybe you have a lot to do with Asobo, or anything else. But it is really not the best way to ignore your customers. I wrote on Zendesk, cause after MSFS WU6 there are some issues with LOWW. No answer. I looked here on the forum, since weeks no answers on topics here. That is really a bad support. Let us know what is going on. Then the customers would understand it. But just ignoring all is not nice. Thomas
  4. Hi, What gates offer functioning jetways at LOWW? I can't find any. br.
  5. So 4 months later, no answer. Is this on the table? Especially the static aircraft part
  6. I get the same - FPS is pretty rubbish from around 6000 feet to 2000 feet on the RNAV STAR, coming around the western side of the island, at about 20 fps, then from 2000 feet until landing, the FPS is pretty much perfect at 50-60 fps. Then once I get on the ground, the FPS slowly starts to reduce again to 20fps, and then the performance is rubbish for 5 minutes, then brilliant for 5 minutes, and the rubbish again (the cycle continues exactly like this). It's very strange and something I've never experienced at any scenery beforehand. All in the FSLabs.
  7. When I spawn in at one of the gates at Vienna in the A320 the AI assigns GA aircraft to the other gates which is not really realistic. I managed to figure out what causes this: So the size of the gates is small, and at small gates the AI won't spawn in A320s/airliners. Since irl there are parking A320s and even bigger planes, would it be possible to change the size of the gates to medium and big, so airliners get parked there by the AI? Thank you in advance!
  8. Same here, if EDDM doesn't come out fast, or at least a tentative timeline is announced, most customers will cross fence and buy the other one.
  9. Hey there Gaya folks!! Would also love to know when we'll see LSZH and more so EGSS and EDDM (I got LSZH from someone else too) and about to splurge on EDDM but wanted your quality but time is running out so many other airport seem to be taking my cash! You guys better start moving quick because you're hemoraging a lot of cash! I have had EDDM in the cart from Justsim for the last few weeks now but I'm honestly trying my best to give you guys the chance. Hopefully being connected with ORBX and MSFS hasnt put work in these aiports so far behind that we'll only see the roadmap of airport by mid next year!
  10. Well it took too long. I bought now LSZH somewhere else. Sorry to say that. EDDM will fellow soon
  11. It would be highly appreciated, if Gaya would take necessary actions to improve the performance on this airport. I have already refunded it months ago, besides I do really like the scenery itself. I don't know why such a small airports needs such an intensive amount of performance... However, I think it would be selling better if this would be resolved. Our VA members are in general not buying this scenery because of the already known issues - besides it's one of our major destinations.
  12. Hi folks,as a happy owner of Gaya's LOWW scenery I noticed -- less happy -- that the AI aircraft at the active runway taxi into each other waiting for take-off.Is this a LOWW bgl, a prepar3d, or an AI traffic issue?Thanks in advance, Pecker
  13. I am sure it will be an amazing product but too long time to market will shrink customer base significantly. Once someone purchases it from another vendor, it is almost certain they wont go for it again unless they are supremely unhappy with it and going by the chatter, it doesn't seem to be the case. Just my thoughts coming from over decade and a half in s/w industry.
  14. it takes to long - sorry raz. it takes to long. I waited a long time for Munich.
  15. It seems to struggle with Dynamic Lighting. I found that deactivating the following file solved the FPS issue for me: LGKO_Dyn_Buildings.BGL
  16. Hello! I have the same Issue with LGKO regarding frame drop, and since it is not a support forum, I have sent two tickets regarding this issue, and for fast one week I received no response. Could You please address the issue in any way? Best regards Marek Mysior
  17. I specially registered on the forum to ask a question to the developers. You knew that Tegel would be closed in the fall and still released it and successfully sold it all this time, when it was no longer needed. And not cheap at all. He disappeared from all AIRAC bases. This is the official response. And how can I fly into it now? Or do you think that I will fly in a Cessna between EDTT and EDDB. Well, what is it called? With respect.
  18. I will not mark any date or timeframe until we will know 100% it's locked. I can confirm that project on high priority and I'm really exciting to show you previews but, as I said, at the right moment.
  19. Will it arrive in 2021 or 2022?
  20. Dear Gents, talking about new ideas and suggestions for P3D airports, there are two sides. A majority of users for flight simulation comes from the US and Europe, as far as I could see it in the latest navigraph survey. Which gives a good interpretation where users are frequently flying. In terms of the american continent it's clearly visibile that three major airports in south america are extremly bad done: Buenos Aires (EZE) Sao Paulo (GRU) Rio De Janeiro (GIG) Furthermore, even FSDT and Drzewiecki available, both airports of New York (EWR and JFK) are extremly bad designed. Hoping back to Europe and having the majority of charter flights with a high frequency in mind, there are a lot of gaps to fill. First of all, talking about airports in germany which would really sell and are not single interests: Frankfurt (FRA) Düsseldorf (DUS) Both airports are underrepresented, have an extremly bad support (Aerosoft and JustSim) and do not match the requirements of such modern and big airports. Leaving those airports and flying across europe, there are already really nice sceneries available. On of those sceneries could be your Kos (KGS) scenery - but it's currently not. If you would fix performance issues (especially the extremly bad night lighting which kills nearly all performance) and implement a suitable mesh for the surrounding area, Kos would be a 100% buy. I couldn't get ir properly running, so I've refunded it. So, where are the gold mines for sceneries? Especially all Greek islands are heavily missed. Skiathos (SKG) is not updated, and that's why there is barely traffic. 29Palms needs do update the apron as soon as possible. All major european operators do currently fly triangle patterns across all greek island which incorporate the following: Preveza (PVK) Kefalonia (EFL) Kalamata (KLX) Volos (VOL) And last but not least, there are some good hints as well posted in this thread. Talking about FSDG and their sceneries, Hurghada (HRG) really showed how bad their development lately is and that they are not able to develop an up-to-date technology scenery. Their extremly bad copy and paste Bing Maps photoreal plus bugged scenery without any PBR led me to stop buying anything from them. Heraklion (HER), Thessaloniki (SKG), the above mentioned Hurghada (HRG) and even their Marsa Alam (RMF) scenery are not worth a penny anymore and are desperately needed for a new development. If Gaya would like to make a clear statement and open a whole new region, I would suggest Johannesburg (FAOR). This major hub in the south of africa would finally enable this region to expand it's traffic because this scenery is missed now for nearly a decade and has never been developed. I am a little bit sad about the situation that you have developed Tegel (TXL). Havin instead developed Düsseldorf (DUS) for example, your sale figures would have at least doubled for sure. I am looking forward to Zürich, as I have completly modified Aerosofts Zürich to have at least SODE Level 2 Jetways.
  21. Faith in Gaya products has prevented me from jumping to interim options 😃
  22. What do you mean about interim options? Who wants Sim-wings’s Munich? 😁
  23. No, but I can clearly say the wait worth it. I will suggest all to avoid jumping over interim options and wait for the real thing- Gaya.
  24. All what we showed at the roadmap are by plan. In fact, all art work have been done as part of a long term investment and planning and we following our marketing strategy and plan. As an example I can usually during the mid-end of summer we see increase of demand for holidays destinations (e.g Greek islands) from the reasons people use to back from their own vacation and still have that "Greek vide" with them. So each product have it's own "story" and reasons why we mark it's time frame. Above all that we working to make the top quality stuff around and we will keep that way and won't ever compromise on quality. You can see it with the airports going by Gaya brand and with the massive increment of the handcrafted airports we developing for Microsoft. It's important to mention those 2 products line are very different by their goals, their requirement and in many other areas. Raz
  25. The suspense is killing me 😃 Any ballpark or indicative timelines will also help a lot.
  26. What about others that were shown in the roadmap?
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