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  2. Hey together at Gaya, thank you for your great work at Vienna LOWW! Some things, as i read above, Pete is right. It is also, that everytime you land in Vienna, that ATC Ground gives all the time parkingposition A93. Always. Any Ideas? Thank you keep going! Thomas
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  4. Hi guys, I just bought GAYAs LOWW a few days ago and am using it in P3D v5.1 HF1. I have horrible fps on the airport especially at night when Dynamic Lighting is on (which is always activated in my sim). Normally I get around 35 to 50 FPS at any airport I fly to. Also big once like Frankfurt for example. If DL is activated my FPS drops down to 20-25 or lower in the takeoff run for example. It's really annoying actually. I turned of everything in the configurator like the 3D grass and so on but it doesn't fix it. On daytime with no DL activated I get around 30-35fps at the airport. S
  5. i'm a noob on flighsim. today i download the update for LOWW via marketplace (happy 😉 cause waiting still think end of september) now it's a star airport and what i miss ... the ILS frequencies ... it's a bug on my msfs ... or they are still forgoten? (fyi: i also bought back then via simmarket. but get no info from there about the update.) vnrds. from austria swash
  6. Ever wanted to make your hobby your career with a job in flight simulation? Look no further! We're now hiring talented 3D artists to join our team of 40+ full time employees in creating some of the best addons the industry has to offer. The ideal candidate has the following traits: Expert-level knowledge in 3DS-MAX and/or Blender and/or Maya. Experience in modelling and texturing 3D environments. Knowledge of optimisation techniques. Deep knowledge of PBR material pipeline and advanced texturing methods alongside more traditional methods such as Atlas and hand
  7. Seems like I read it wrong and thought you referred to the static aircrafts and the ability to turn them on/off. As for the AI- they all should work, and if not we will check it and will add it to a future update.
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  9. I've moved this topic to User-To-User support, as we don't offer support in the forum you originally posted this topic in. I recommend you contact our official support, which you can do so via the Gaya homepage - use the button in the bottom right corner.
  10. Thanks Raz - however in other airports such as Flytampa Copenhagen or FSDT Zurich, I am able to see AI at the gates. Are you sure this is not something that can be implimented with a tool like ADE or similar ?
  11. Hi there, suffering CTDs since last update. Any idea how to get rid of it? tnx
  12. Hi Pete, Thanks for your compliments about LOWW update 🙂 Regard the parking- as far as we know the option to assign parking for AI is not available in MSFS (unlike P3D where you can also assign specific parking to specific airline. We will keep follow the SDK updates and will continue updating all of our products with the latest features available. Raz
  13. Hello Raz, Fantastic work with latest update of LOWW for MSFS. I have managed to create some of my own AI flightplans with AIFP for use at LOWW, however these aircraft only seem to park on the west side near the cargo 747s. Why is this? And is there a way for my AI to park at the actual gates/terminal next to the statics (like in the P3D version)? I have edited the entry in my aircraft folder to atc_parking_types = ANY but this has not had any affect. Many thanks, Pete
  14. The gates where the statics are placed are not in the AFCAD/ADE, so if other people spawn there it is because they have the default LOWW airport. Also live traffic won't take a gate with statics.
  15. Yes, as I said above; I do like the static models when flying offline but when flying online, you often have other simmers spawn at gates that are taken by static aircraft and with the MSFS live traffic, I assume they could also take the gate where a static aircraft is.
  16. No, not possible. Various other topics about it as well.
  17. Yes correct. If you only remove the aircraft, the parkings are empty, but will not be recognized by MSFS, since the parkings are not in the AFCAD/ADE (hoewever it is called in MSFS)... So therefore you need a configurator. This switches both the AFCAD/ADE and statics to on/off. And this is not posible. So only removing the airplanes does not make sense right now. But why would you remove them? They really bring immersion to the airport instead of landing into a deserted place?
  18. Thank you for your reply, I will give this a try and look forward to future updates. I do like static aircraft when flying offline but fly online as well. What does this mean? Do you mean that removing the static models does not make the parking stands available to the MSFS ATC feature?
  19. ENGM is major hub and could be nice airport to make (I think also commercial wise), however for now we focus to complete the roadmap we announced and invested in. That roadmap logic is to have connection between each airport to the other (kind of "network"). In addition 3 main hubs are coming in top quality: LSZH, EDDM and EGSS alongside with some other very iconic airports like LSZA (I can tell you I made some nice VR flying around and it's amazing!). Raz.
  20. Hi, That feature is not yet available at the native way however we manage to make some "temp" solution for those of you just want the models to be off. The big weak of that method is apart from the exclusion of the static models the parking stands are not actively available (that's the part we waiting for the SDK to support). To make it happen we have separated the static aircrafts into independent .bgl file call Loww-scene - static.bgl (each airport with it's own icao code and file name). That file could be found at gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna\scenery\Gaya\Vi
  21. Hello, I was a little disappointed that the new LOWW update still did not allow for the option for the static aircraft to be removed. This is an issue that scenery developers continue to have. Please continue to work with Microsoft on this issue, so that in the future the native settings might allow the configuration of static aircraft. Thank you and kind regards, Joe
  22. Hi, As Gayasimualtions has now announced that ENCN (Kristiansand) will be released soon, and their partner Orbx has made ENAL, ESGG and ESMS, I would be great to see Oslo Gardermoen Lufthavn (ENGM), as of that there are many flights flown from Oslo to ESGG, ESMS and ENAL and ENCN. ENGM is also an international airport so many international flights would be possible aswell.
  23. Kristiansand is getting close now! Once it's released, which routes will you fly in and out of ENCN? Whether it's a real-world leg or a Gaya airport hop, we've got you covered. Let us know down in the comments - in the meantime, here's a couple of ideas 👀
  24. Ah ok, didn't know that. Thanks. I still can't wait for their next Projects 😄
  25. On the other side I like Gaya to do airports like Florence and Kristiansand, which have not been done before. Still hoping for some Dutch airports (Lelystad, Maastricht, Eindhoven or Groningen) or airports like Stockholm Skavsta (Sweden), Paphos (Cyprus), Monastir (Tunesia), Pisa (Italy), Porto (Portugal)...
  26. Hurghada is in final stages by FSDG (Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN | FSDeveloper) and Djerba is also done by FSDG and will probably be converted 😉
  27. Next up for a preview is Kristiansand, which is getting closer to release by the day. This development build still has a few loose ends to tie up, but on the whole, gives a great picture of the quality to be expected - i.e. the very highest! Kristiansand will also be coming to Prepar3D after the release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  28. Hey Guys, you do a really amasing job on scenery developement and Love your sceneries. I would like to see some more holiday-airports in your quality and suggest HEGN (Hurghada, Egypt) and DTTJ (Djerba-Zarzis, Tunesia) for MSFS. Just some childhood memories 😉 Regards Phil
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