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  4. I've also been waiting for EDDM for months. S-W was not an option for me because I knew that Gaya also works on EDDM. I hope it's worth waiting this long.
  5. Hi, Please open ticket at our support system. Raz
  6. Hi there, Thanks for the kind words! We can not replay or grant any support for official Microsoft release so ill redirect you to Microsoft for that.
  7. Great work on these airports. The immersion is fantastic! I'm just having an issue with LFMN Nice concerning a bump on RWY04L at the intersection of Taxiway B1. This makes landing/takeoff interesting to say the least. Can anyone else confirm this issue? If so, I will submit a bug report to MSFS.
  8. Hi, I have a problem with the scenery ENCN. During take-off, all planes crash in the middle of the runway as if there was an object there.
  9. Hi, I have a problem with the scenery ENCN. During take-off, all planes crash in the middle of the runway as if there was an object there.
  10. Hello Gaya, Let me know, when ready for Munich Airport EDDM? Thanks yours best Scenery!
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  12. Hi @Raz did you make up your mind yet on either of #1 or #2? 🙂
  13. How about some more Greek airports please? Rhodes, Athens, Thessaloniki? :)
  14. first problem encountered, taxi and landing lights illuminate the runway and the ground after a certain time in the evening, at sunset as shown by the photos it did not light up anything, I also had an approach with snow which made it more difficult second problem, even the runway lights turn on after a certain time why? solvable?
  15. Alright, thanks for the info! Let me know if you find a solution!
  16. I can confirm that performance at this airport is terrible. It even starts during approach. Drops from 40+ fps to something between 2-16fps upon landing. Im not using this airport anymore as its not flyable like this. Will pass this on via support. But something is not right. Im using P3Dv5.1 with LKGO bought via Orbx. Changing textures to 2K doesnt make any difference.
  17. We got everyday support tickets and all working just perfect and smooth with Zendesk. If you still have problem with use it please contact me in private message and ill make sure you get there. Raz
  18. Raz it doesn't work please sort out your support.
  19. Hi Paolo, To get the support please go to www.gaya-simulations.com (make sure you type the "www" since we have an issue with the domain we working to fix). At the home page bottom right corner of the screen you will have "support" button- please use it. Raz
  20. Hi Guys, We are not "sign" on a date or time frame until we are 100% knows we knows to achieve that schedule. We know and appreciate the huge anticipation of many and you can be sure those will be top class products. A bit of insight- in general there are 2 main "tactics" of products previews: 1. Show on going development include drafts, work in progress, art work etc. 2. Show beta version of a project- that's mean the product is nearly ready. Each of the tactics have pros and cons and come to serve different goals. I'm still considering what's the right method for EDDM,
  21. Wasn't there supposed to be an announcement mid January on EDDM?
  22. Is there any way to fix the water elevation as per picture at ENCN v5 i can't get through support thanks Paolo.
  23. Hi! Any chance to update the runway numbers? You have (correct) 03 on one end, but 22 (incorrect, should be 21) on the other :)
  24. What makes you think that? I've submitted 2 tickets for ENCN...
  25. Hi @paolo Please contact our support.
  26. Hi GAYA is there a fix with the elevation of the water at Runway 3 @ ENCN the water elevation looks wrong thanks Paolo.
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